St Dupont Lighters are a sign of class, and show an appreciation to fine things in life. Also They exhibit luxury to its finest details. In Addition, the brand (St Dupont) offers a wide range of cigar accessories, with highest level of craftsmanship and reliability. The Line 2 lighters are distinguished by the famous Cling sound that literally turns heads, and attracts looks.

Powerful Jet flame lighters (Minijet, Maxijet, Megajet, Defi Xtreme, Defi XXtreme and Slim 7) are also manufactured by St Dupont. The Minijet and Maxijet offer a powerful jet lighter packed in a small casing that would fit perfectly in your pocket.

The megajet and Slim 7 offer flat jet flame, a work of beauty.

The Defi Xtreme is the solid, rugged lighter that will last you for years. The clear Gas tank makes it easy to monitor gas level. It is a single jet lighter, with a flame powerful enough to withstand any weather conditions. St Dupont Defi XXtreme is a tank. Solid powerful with 2 jet flames that can light up any size cigar in a matter of seconds.