Colibri Lighters and Cigar Accessories are made to last. The Colibri Range consists of durable luxury lighters, world famous cigar cutters, cigar ashtrays and cigar humidors.

The cigar cutters offer straight cut or a V Cut, even Colibri makes the SV Cut Cigar cutter which combines both cutting choices.

The majority of the lighters are jet flame lighters. Colibri makes single, double or triple jet flames lighters. The jet flame is powerful and consistent giving you the peace of mind knowing that you can light up you cigar under any weather condition. Indoor or Outdoor.

The Quasar range of Lighters, Cutters, Ashtrays and humidors takes elegance and luxury to another level. Beautifully and uniquely designed, you can identify a Quasar product from miles away.

All the Colibri products are back by a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Colibri Accessories offers contemporary designs, vibrant colours. Surely they will be noticed wherever you are. The quality adds more elegance to the product.

All Colibri products come presented in a magnificent gift box.